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The history of the International Lawn Tennis Club of the NetherlandsHistory

Arthur Wallis Myers (1878 – 1939) was an English reporter, author and tennis fanatic who wrote a great number of books on the history of the sport of tennis and its developments in the beginning of the twentieth century. After World War I he wrote an article in which he wondered if the sport of tennis could actually contribute towards international peace. He was stimulated by Dwight Davis, the donor of the Davis Cup, and the Prime Minister, Lord Balfour, who had a keen interest in tennis. He talked about the foundation of an International Lawn Tennis Club which would have as its primary goal the propagation of friendship and sportsmanship. In the week before Wimbledon the Club was to host friendly matches. In 1924 the International Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain was formed with Lord Balfour as its first President.
For more information on Arthur Wallis Myers go to the IC Council website and click on ‘History of the IC’.